The Bright Side Artivity™ kit is a subscription-based art and creative expression kit designed specifically for the needs of children’s hospitals, clinics, camps, and other locations where children and teenagers can benefit from creative expression as a way to help process experiences and express feelings.

Artivity™ kits are sold to hospitals, clinics, camps, and similar organizations serving children.

We currently do not sell kits to individuals.

How it works

Subscriptions are purchased annually, and plans begin at 35 Artivity™ kits per month.


Shipments begin the month following the subscription purchase and start with the kit designated for the month in which the subscription begins. Future months are shipped automatically through your program term.

Example Kits

Paper strips, washi tape, and stickers encourage free-creation with the Paper Strip Challenge. Kids can make anything from a box to a boat and beyond. Inspiration cards are included with images of real project examples created by a kid.


Kit contents: Colored paper strips, foil paper strips, washi tape, stickers, and Bright Side Arts Inspiration Cards.

Die-cut paper love birds inspire mechanics and movement in Feathered Friends. Two love birds are included for kids to color, fill-in and texturize, and then assemble with paper braces and brads to simulate movement. Inspiration Cards are included with clear and easy-to-follow steps for texturing, plus three how-to-draw cards with ideas for creating a flamingo, a hawk, and a songbird.

Kit contents: Die-cut paper love birds, colored pencils, small drawing pad, glue dots, paper braces and brads to make the birds move, and Bright Side Arts Inspiration Cards.

Silly drawing prompts provide hours of fun with Silly Sketches. Produced in partnership with ImaginationSpring, Silly Sketches uses the ImaginWow mobile app to help kids create silly sentences as drawing prompts in the “real world.” Drawings can be created with time limits for extra fun! For those without access to a smartphone or tablet, fill-in and reusable Inspiration Cards are included to jump-start the silliness.


Kit contents: Free ImaginWow mobile app, drawing pad, markers, a small egg-timer for timing the drawing practice, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Exploring watercolor creations is the focus of Wondrous Watercolors. Everything is provided to create water-based art. Inspiration Cards are included to suggest techniques and ideas.


Kit contents: Paints, brush, white and black crayons, one marker, paper, string, piece of plastic wrap, little bubble wrap piece, a cup for water, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Push the concept of wearable art beyond the basics with Wearable Creations. Using a variety of materials, wearable creations of all kinds are easy to make. Make a headband, armband, bracelet, or anklet. Make a costume or a hair tie. Embellish an outfit or an IV pole.   Kit contents: Strips of multi-textured fabric, coated wire, paper clips, washi tape, faux leather strips or cording, Velcro dots, eye mask making materials, rubber bands, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards

Make a space your own with Pizzazz Up Your Space. With white buntings, string, tape, letters, and markers, kids can add fun and personal expression to any room. Spell out a name, make a statement, or create designs and images on each of the bunting pieces!


Kit contents: Paper buntings (10’-long), string, tape, bold letters, markers, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Building block-shapes encourage kids to create and print all sorts of fun stamped images, from robots to whole cities, or creations of their own with Printables. Using a washable stamp pad and the building blocks, kids make stamped creations that can be enhanced with color.


Kit contents: Assorted building blocks, washable stamp pad, colored pencils, a foam pad for stamping, paper for printing (including a pre-printed sheet for a cityscape and a robot), and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Sculpture is the theme of Wire It Up. Young artists are provided assorted wire, beads, and other materials to create their own wire art sculpture. Make a face, an animal, an abstract design. Anything goes!


Kit contents: Assorted coated wire, beads, pipe cleaners, string, washi tape, yarn, a sculpture base, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Dress up an animal in a sweater or funny outfit with Dressed Up Pets. Use fun patterns to design a sweater for a 3D dachshund. Glue cat and dog heads to paper and come up with silly outfits for them to wear – even sillier, give them a human body! Two fun projects to keep your imagination busy!


Kit contents: A die-cut paper dog, pattern sheet for inspiration, five color prints of cat and dog heads, white paper, a glue stick, colored pencils, and Inspiration Cards

Imagine the wackiest of hair creations with Wacky Hair Day. Draw a 2D self-portrait, and make it ‘pop’ by adding whirls and curls of brightly colored hair with paper strips. Or draw a portrait with crazy hair made of words that describe one’s unique self.


Kit contents: Paper strips, paper, pencil, black marker, colored pencils, glue stick, facial features, drawing tips, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Die-cut paper ponies inspire movement in Wild Pony Stampede. Three paper ponies are included for kids to color, fill-in and texturize, and then assemble with  brads to make a movable horse stampede.


Kit contents: Die-cut paper ponies, colored pencils, washi tape, crayons, brads, and Bright Side Inspiration Cards.

Learn all about trapeze, dance, and balance with Balancing Act. Using die-cut paper people, make a creative scene of dancing people, people on a zip line, or a miniature swing. The possibilities are endless! Kit contents: Die-cut paper figures, colored pencils, straws, craft string, glue dots, wire pieces, cut straw, and Inspiration Cards.


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